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The moment the sun peaked over the hills of Hobbiton, Bilbo was up and scrambling through Bag End. Everything was prepared. His pack was by the door, filled with everything he needed for his week-long excursion. Of course there was no real notice about his departure. There’d be too many questions if he’d told his family.

No, it was far less stressful this way.


Scratching down quickly onto a parchment, the hobbit made an impromptu sign for any potential visitors:

Gone away for the week. Leave any mail or parcels you might have behind the rose bush.

Regards, Bilbo Baggins

There. It was succinct and to the point. Satisfied, Bilbo quickly hurried to the front entrance of Bag End and tacked the little sheet next to his door. Humming under his breath, he glanced back into his quiet home, eyes sweeping over it one more time. If he was forgetting anything, then he would simply buy it elsewhere. Where? He was not sure. This little trip was to be a spontaneous one, and he would not dwell on the fact that he had no inkling where he would go.

"Right then. Off on an adventure, I suppose," Bilbo muttered as he picked up his pack. Quietly, he descended the steps of Bag End, the early morning sun surprisingly warm on his skin. It was going to be the perfect day for this trip.

A small smile appeared on his lips as he strolled down the familiar road leading from Bag End, humming softly to himself as he went.

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Because tomorrow is Easter, a day where people search for tie-dyed eggs, are you going to join in on the celebration and search with them?

"Ah… Well. I would love to do so. But I have other plans, I fear. Still, I imagine the fauntlings will be scrambling through Hobbiton come the first ray of sun tomorrow.”

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Basic Vegan French Toast

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Send me "Ruffle" For my muses reaction to your muse randomly coming up and running their fingers through mines hair.

     "You half asleep there, Mister Baggins? Myrtle’s over there."

Pausing, Bilbo leaned closer and scrutinized the dwarf for a moment, feigning a gasp of shock and surprise.

"Kili! Oh goodness, I’m terribly sorry. For a moment I thought you were Myrtle. With that scraggly mane of yours,” the hobbit chuckled grinning warmly at the dwarf.

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"Why are you so short?"


"… W-Well why are you so tall? Hmm?”

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*nibbles on his ear*

Bilbo let out a small noise, squirming away from the elf’s mouth slightly. “Please, Legolas. C-Control yourself!” the hobbit implored, his hands moving up to cover his ears bashfully.