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30 Day LOTR Challenge - Day 1 Favorite Hobbit

“Sorry! I don’t want any adventures, thank you. Not Today. Good morning! But please come to tea – any time you like! Why not tomorrow? Good bye!”

Bilbo Baggins

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*stares longingly 5ever*

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Anonymous asked:
Proceeds to punch Bilbo in the nose.

Excuse u.

Anonymous asked:
You precious little peach.

"—A peach? Well… I suppose that’s a compliment. Peaches are rather lovely. But I would hardly consider myself precious. That’s a term usually reserved for shirelings and the like.”


The moment Bilbo was in his arms, the toymaker fell backward against the safety of the wall. He held tightly to the halfling.


     “Far too close. Next time, hold on t’me, lad. Can’t risk losin' ya. My word!”

Bilbo could only nod in agreement with the dwarf’s words. After all, the last thing he wanted was to end up that close to dying before he could so much as help the company. A dead burglar was no good to anyone.

"I-I promise. Truly, I do," Bilbo croaked out softly, slowly pulling back from the toymaker. "You’ve uh— You’ve quite the grip, Master Bofur. I thought you’d break my hands with how hard you grabbed them."

Anonymous asked:
Bilbo, what is your favorite pie flavor?

"I’m rather fond of cherry pie. There’s just something about it that sets it above all other pie flavours. Apple pie would be my second choice…. Followed by pumpkin… Then again, I do enjoy blueberry… Hmm…

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wolves-wear-red asked:
“You can trust me.”



"You’ll forgive me if my trust is a bit apprehensive at best. Understandably too since you seem to attract the worst sort of company and I’ve a torn jacket to prove as much!” the hobbit hissed out in irritation as he remained tucked behind a tree, gesturing frantically at the damage done to his poor clothing. “When were you planning on telling me wolves have an affinity for you?!”


"If you’re implying anything-" Red shook her head, taking a deep breath. "Wolves are drawn to be because I understand them. How was I supposed to know that they wouldn’t bother trying to under stand you? In truth, I apologize for the jacket, I rather like that one.”


"Understand—? You mean you can communicate with those beasts?" Bilbo sputtered out, waving his hands incredulously at her. "And did it ever cross your mind to tell them ‘Leave Mister Bilbo Baggins alone, he rather likes remaining in one piece’!" he was positively seething as a he ran a frustrated hand through his hair. "Perfect. This is— Perfect. I bet now that they’ve had a taste they’ll be after me. If I’m torn apart before we find shelter, you can be assured I will come back and haunt you and those blasted creatures!”

alterflorum asked:
"It's all my fault."

"No, no. It— It really isn’t. It’s quite alright," the hobbit assured the woman, his eyes trailing over to his now crushed flower bed. "I can always just replant them. Accidents do happen, after all… And it’s about time I replanted them anyhow! I’ve grown daisies for far too long. Perhaps a tulips will end up there. Or a lovely rose bush."